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Why this website?

As a wheelchair user it is difficult to find objective information about the appropriateness of the sitting and rolling characteristics (and interface) of the wheelchair.

The screening-tool Check your sitting (Check je zit) helps to identify and prevent sitting/rolling-related problems. The report can be downloaded. The screening-report is useful to give insight and helps solving wheelchair problems in your electric or hand rim wheelchair. You can discuss the results with your wheelchair supplier and your occupational or physical therapist.

Take a look at the additional checklists that may help to ensure an optimal wheelchair provision. The short movies with advise from other experienced wheelchair users can be useful, also for recognition of wheelchair-related problems and possible solutions.

Future plans

At this moment the website is only available in Dutch. Our aim is to translate (parts of) this website and especially the screeningtool in several European languages.

In collaboration with the European Platform of Rehabilitation (EPR) we are looking for European partners to make this dream come true.


Do you have advise to share ?

Meet one of our rolmodels


Manon suffered a non Traumatisch Brain Injury at the age of 5 years and she uses a wheelchair since then.


Robert has a high tetraplegia and uses a handrim wheelchair with power-supported wheels.


Jaap is a double leg amputee and uses a handrim wheelchair with attachable handcycle unit.

What is optimal sitting and rolling?

The basic principes of proper sitting and rolling are explained. What do you need to know about your own body in relation to the wheelchair and usage requirements.

This knowledge helps to determine the requirements for your wheelchair. Take a look at the videotips of the rolmodel.

Expand your knowledge

Stef achter de piano

How suitable is your wheelchair?

Use the Checklists to prepare for a (new) wheelchair application: Do you know your needs and requirements for the wheelchair ? Are your functional goals achievable with your wheelchair (set-up) ?  Is the wheelchair properly adjusted to your needs?

Are you curious if sitting and rolling in your wheelchair is optimal?

 Go to Check your sit(ting)

How to apply for a new wheelchair

What do you need to know before you apply for a wheelchair and how does the wheelchair provision-procedure works (in your country)?

This is how it works

This is how your wheelchair stays in shape

When you use your powered or manual wheelchair daily,  good maintenance is a ‘must’

Show me more

 By and for wheelchair users

When you have become wheelchair-dependent recently, or in case of wheelchair-related-problem, advise of other wheelchair users can be very valuable.

The experienced wheelchair users with different diagnoses show and explain why they made certain choices regarding their wheelchair (set-up). You may feel acquainted with them because the have the same agenda the same activities with their wheelchair or because they have the same diagnosis.

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